Death Star


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Death Star

Indica-dominant Hybrid-Death Star marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria, energizes the mind, prompts giggles. In higher dose promotes body relaxation, couch lock and deep sleep. Alleviates depression, relieves stress, stimulates appetite, controls pain.

Indica / Sativa Ratio

  • Indica Dominant Hybrid (25% Sativa / 75% Indica)

Average THC / CBD Level

  • 15.00/24.75% THC
  • 0.53/0.09% CBD
  • —/0.04% CBN


Death Star

Indica-dominant Hybrid- Death Star cannabis strain is a 75/25 Indica dominant hybrid with great medicinal and recreational applications due to high THC content. The Death Star buds are dark green with orange hairs, thick and resinous. This pot is a creeper that hits hard, not recommended for inexperienced or low tolerance users. Death Star marijuana appeared on the market in early 2000’s and gained popularity after being featured in High Times magazine in 2010. Good for evening and nighttime use.

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