Rosin Freezies



When your looking for more than just cooling down, grab yourself one of these Rosin Freezies. The rosin is made from the finest quality of AAAA flower, These freezies are made using a full spectrum blend of rosin. They are a nice sweet treat that have been blended beautifully, to not have too much of that THC taste.

The package contains:

  • 6 THC Rosin Freezies
  • Each Freezie is 50mg THC
  • The total THC per package is 300mg
  • Flavors in each pack are random


The rosin in this product is good for the health-conscious consumer. Rosin is a great alternative to concentrates like shatter, budder and live resin, which are extracted using butane and/or other solvents. Using only premium flower, heat, and pressure, this rosin is a solvent-free, full-spectrum extract, which holds onto the unique flavors and psychoactive properties of each plant, providing a smooth flavor.

Shake well before freezing. Can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months or can be frozen for up to 2 years while still retaining its potency.

Start low and go slow.