CBD Gummy Bears


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CBD Gummy Bears

Our CBD gummy bears are locally made, and good for helping with pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety.

our yellow gummies have been formulated to help create a sense of tiredness with out the heavy effects of thc, this is for our users who are new to thc and cbd or for experienced users too. The ration 4:1 cbd/thc is designed to create the entourage effect to help create a good nights rest this will allow your mind to slow down and get tired and relax your body and as you fall asleep you wake up feeling great, followed by our 26:1 gummie for the day great for a natural energy with the entourage effect to get your day going !!




CBD Gummy Bears


Good for night time use. Helps with sleep, Anxiety. People who frequently use cannabis will feel the effects quicker.

Our locally made, CBD Gummy Bears, help with many symptoms like, inflammation, pain relief, anxiety, depression, insomnia, itching, eczema, acne, promotes skin health and many others.

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