Thrift TF-060, Infyniti Professional Digital Scale


Professional digital scale, with the ability to weigh to .01.

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The Thrift TF-060, Infyniti scale can be used to measure up to 60 grams. Whether you are baking or measuring smaller amount of herbs this will do the trick. The lid can double as a container to help way up your dry ingredients. The two triple A batteries are included. However, do make you open the back up and remove the plastic strip before the first use. If the plastic strip is not removed your scale should not come on. This professional digital scal comes with a backlight to make it easier to read. Also, included is an auto off after sixty seconds, which will help prolong your batteries life. The scale can measure i units of: grams (g), carat (ct), troy ounces (ozt), penny weight (dwt), ounces (oz) and grains (gn). The operating temperature of this scale is betweeen 10-30 degrees Celcius.

  • CAPACITY : 60 g
  • Accuracy : 0.01 g
  • Power : 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Tare Rage : Tare full capacity
  • Auto off : 60 Seconds
  • Size : 86.8 x 63.7 x 21.4 mm
  • Weight : 73 g
  • Tray Size : 51 x 46 mm
  • Stain gauge precision technology
  • With Black Light – Low Battery Indication

Additional information

Weight 0.073 kg
Dimensions 8.68 × 6.37 × 2.14 cm


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