Cannabidiol (CBD) in Sport and Exercise Performance

Literature Search Methodology The clinical and preclinical literature was reviewed to identify studies investigating the effects of CBD that might be relevant within a sport and/or exercise context. The online databases PubMed (MEDLINE), Web of Science (via Thomas Reuters), and Scopus were searched between April and October of 2019 using terms such as: ‘cannabinoid’ ‘cannabidiol’, ‘CBD’ and ‘cannabis’. This review focuses primarily on effects that have been demonstrated in vivo and generally avoids attempting to predict functional effects on the basis of target-oriented in vitro data, given the numerous molecular targets of CBD [92] and the fact that exercise itself induces complex biochemical changes. Nonetheless, some potential interactions are noted. As our intent was to summarise evidence on a range of potentially relevant topics, rather than provide a detailed assessment of the literature, the reader will be directed to more focused reviews, where appropriate. All doses described are oral and acute (single), unless…

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Elementor #5084

First Nation Jurisdiction on Cannabis will Improve the Wealth and Health of our Nations First Nations must act now – together -- to capitalize on this new green economy that will continue to grow, and has the potential to generate prosperity for decades and generations to come.Isadore Day Just over six months ago, Canada legalized cannabis and opened the door to enormous opportunities for those First Nation communities and entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of a new green economy. The fact that federal government had done little or no consultation with First Nations has become a blessing in disguise. The door is wide open for First Nation control of cannabis.We have already seen that both Canada and the provinces have had difficulty with the major Licenced Producers, who have not been able to meet the demand. Some of these producers have tried to cut corners by growing in…

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High-performance? CBD-infused drinks for athletes coming as pot edibles are legalized

https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/cbd-drink-athletes-edibles-legalized-1.5322684 2nd phase of cannabis legalization creates wave of potential business opportunities Consumers eager to get their hands on cannabis-infused edibles, extracts and topical creams are one step closer today as regulations come into effect allowing cannabis-containing products to be produced and sold in Canada. This second phase of legalization opens the door to a wave of potential business opportunities aimed not just at the recreational user, but also athletes.  Toronto-based BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. wants a piece of the edibles and alternative-cannabis market, estimated to be worth $2.7 billion annually, with $529 million likely to be spent on cannabis-infused beverages alone.  "The forecasted numbers and projections are massive. For us, that's great and that's the business side of it, but it was really a natural fit," said John Celenza, co-founder and co-chief executive of BioSteel. BioSteel, a popular brand among high-performance and professional athletes, plans to infuse a version of their signature pink…

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Canada should create First Nations model for cannabis sales: former chief

https://www.thegrowthop.com/cannabis-culture/cannabis-communities/canada-should-create-first-nations-model-for-cannabis-sales-former-chief Isadore Day, now the CEO of a consulting group named Bimaadzwin, said Ottawa never discussed legalization with First Nations communities Ontario’s former Assembly of First Nations regional chief said the government should legalize cannabis sales in Indigenous communities — and he’s willing to help it create the framework. Isadore Day, now the CEO of a consulting group named Bimaadzwin, said Ottawa never discussed legalization with First Nations communities. Day said the move prompted the group to set up its own shops on reserves. “We’re not the black market,” he told CBC. “We just haven’t been legitimized by Canada’s cannabis framework as of yet.” Indigenous communities should have been at the roundtable discussing cannabis as part of their treaty rights, he said. Day hopes something is done soon. “It’s something that you can bet the federal government is going to want to address with this new government after Nov. 20, with the swearing in of the…

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