CBD may be a good option for treating pro athletes’ traumatic brain injuries, advocates say

Some advocates of CBD say it could be an option for treating traumatic brain injuries. CANVABY NICK LIAAPRIL 21, 2020 Former NHL player Riley Cote is among those who say cannabidiol should be used by pro hockey players Advocates of cannabidiol (CBD) say it could have medical benefits for professional athletes like hockey players, particularly as an increased number of predatory hits in the NHL this season is reigniting concerns about players experiencing traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Riley Cote, a former NHL player who dressed in 156 games over four seasons, is one of them. Since retiring from professional hockey in 2010, Cote has used CBD, a compound found in cannabis plants, to help his body heal from multiple years of playing a contact sport at its highest level. His preferred methods of dosing are tincture, which is oil-based and sits under the tongue for 15 to 20 seconds, as well as capsule and topical form. Cote says…

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High-performance? CBD-infused drinks for athletes coming as pot edibles are legalized 2nd phase of cannabis legalization creates wave of potential business opportunities Consumers eager to get their hands on cannabis-infused edibles, extracts and topical creams are one step closer today as regulations come into effect allowing cannabis-containing products to be produced and sold in Canada. This second phase of legalization opens the door to a wave of potential business opportunities aimed not just at the recreational user, but also athletes.  Toronto-based BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. wants a piece of the edibles and alternative-cannabis market, estimated to be worth $2.7 billion annually, with $529 million likely to be spent on cannabis-infused beverages alone.  "The forecasted numbers and projections are massive. For us, that's great and that's the business side of it, but it was really a natural fit," said John Celenza, co-founder and co-chief executive of BioSteel. BioSteel, a popular brand among high-performance and professional athletes, plans to infuse a version of their signature pink…

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CBD for Athletes & Sports Recovery

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If you are an athlete you know what it is like to push your body through a workout or competition. It is normal to feel a little sore or tired after an intense exercise. But if you want to achieve the best results for your body you also need to focus on how you recover. Regardless of whether you workout a few times a week or compete in a sport at the professional level, proper rest and recovery are important to reaching peak performance and avoiding injury. Recently, athletes have found a new option to help improve their recovery for sports and exercise, CBD. CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical derived from the cannabis plant. It is safe, legal, doesn’t get you high, and is allowed by leading sports organizations. Plus, many people have found CBD to be a great alternative to Aleve and other over-the-counter drugs for pain and inflammation after a workout.…

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